Home Entertainment: Why You Should Invest in One

by Eve Marinik 09/13/2021

Home theaters are a great way to enjoy your favorite films while kicking back and relaxing either solo or with those you love. The advantage doesn’t stop at movies or binge-worthy television, though. Imagine sitting in your home theater, the big game is about to come on and you have a plethora of snacks garnering the tables next to you, your household and your guests enjoying the pre-Bowl banter of the commentators while everyone gets hyped up. Now imagine those same loved ones enjoying an in-home version of an arcade, but on the big screen, the effects whirring around you as you and yours play late into the night on your favorite console or PC projection.

While home theaters may seem like another expensive upgrade, they have a host of uses that could add value to your home and your home lifestyle. Plus, not all setups are outside of reach.

Here are a few key reasons to invest in a home theater.


When you come across the term “home theater,” you probably think giant room with a large projector and at least one row of seating. However, they don’t have to follow that diagram. Home theaters could be just as effective with a large 70-inch television screen, blackout curtains and a few well-placed speakers. Want something a little different? Try several smaller screens lining the wall, or forget the screens all together and use a projector against a blank white or off-white wall. Home theaters are easily customizable and can meet even the most niche entertainment requirements.

Resale Value

Home upgrades should be carefully considered before entering the endeavors. Researching things like fair market value, resale value in the area and what the normal upgrades or additions are for your area are fantastic ideas for understanding whether a home theater is worth the investment. However, they often are.

Once you’ve established whether a full home theater will help you gain a better ROI, you’re more than ready to start. For areas that are rich with upgrades similar to a full home theater remodel, a home theater may be considered the norm, which could increase your ROI if you have one that matches and slightly exceeds those around you. Be careful not to overdo the upgrades, however. Too many customizations could cause the opposite effect.


Movie theaters bring crowds for miles; and while you may not have a house full of people to the same capacity of a movie theater, your home theater is an excellent way to set up an ideal hangout location for you and yours. There are several types of layouts for home theaters that could fit your lifestyle, depending on the primary focus for your theater.

If you plan to entertain for sports events, try several small tables around the seating areas to ensure folks have enough space to place their snack plates or platters. Want to get that big theatrical sound at home? You could try seating in the round with speakers attached to various points of the room, including behind your seating style of choice.

Home theaters are excellent speaking points. With the level of customizations available for them, they’re also a great option to increase your home’s value and give you a cozy hangout location.

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